Develop communication strategy.

Without a strategy you will burn
a lot of time, money, energy and good ideas.
And your stories will come to nothing.

Storywerk 360° Journey

The best of three worlds:  storytelling, process design, teambuilding

Media- & Workflow Audit
Before you set off with your organisation to new horizons, it is worth taking a closer look at where you currently stand: How is your organisation positioned? What strengths are you already using? Where is hidden potential? What do you still need, what could be the next steps? With our audits we determine where you are. Across all areas of your communication or specifically for social media. And if necessary, also at the level of your processes and structures.
Mission Statement
As the foundation of your communication strategy, we work with you and your teams to develop a visionary big picture and the purpose of your organisation step by step. We define your core values and your USP, formulate a strong vision and an authentic mission statement. So that your teams follow a motivating and clear fixed star. In this way, we align the inner compass of your organisation with your goals. And prepare the ground for your communication strategy.
Target image, target group persona
Who are you actually telling all this to? In order to align your content marketing in the best possible way, it is central that you know your target groups very well. Together with your teams, we sharpen your target groups with the demographic characteristics, attitudes and behaviour patterns of concrete personas. So that your target groups feel seen, meant and understood. This way you can target your content precisely and the messages of your stories really reach the right people.
Core Story
The core story is the heart of your strategic content marketing. It creates clarity, structure and focus and unites the needs of your target groups with the vision and values of your organisation as a central narrative. Together with your teams, we develop a powerful and authentic core story. This makes your organisation distinguishable and more attractive, likeable and trustworthy for customers, donors or users.
Successful implementation

Even the strongest mission statement and the best communication strategy will remain ineffective as long as your teams lack the processes, structures and tools to successfully implement your 360° communication. In stage 5 of our STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY, we close this gap step by step over a period of six months.


Sustainable integration

Rings a bell? You have invested a lot of time, money, energy and passion in an urgently needed change process. But you run out of steam on the home straight. And all that effort was for nothing.

Annoying, disappointing. And so unnecessary. 

In stage 6 of our STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY, we ensure over a period of twelve months that your overall communications team crosses the finish line together – and successfully brings your vision to the world.

Integrated strategic communication – more clarity, thrust and impact for your storytelling.

In your free strategy call, we clarify what is important to you. And how we can best support you. We look forward to meeting you.