The Communication Consultants for Purpose Brands.

Storytelling, Process Design, Team Building.

The Communication Consultants for Purpose Brands.

Storytelling, Process Design, Teambuilding.
An ever faster, more complex and uncertain world with myriads of messages poses huge challenges for your communication:
Overworked teams, paralysing silo thinking, diffuse processes and structures – and enormous pressure of expectations.
Plus the uncertainty:
Are your messages really reaching the right people?
Are your stories strong enough?
Or are you burning a lot of time, money and good ideas? And are your stories going nowhere?

More clarity, impact
and a fresh breeze for
your communication and
your storytelling.

More clarity, impact and a breath of fresh air for your communication and storytelling.

We support you:

If you want to realign your organisation's communication.
If you want to take your storytelling to the next level and increase your impact.
If you want to bring clarity, impact and a breath of fresh air to your communications team.

The best of three worlds: Storytelling, process design, team building.

As pioneers of cross-team 360° corporate communication and strong storytelling, we harness the magic for you that happens when experienced and highly motivated experts from different fields work together – interdisciplinary, agile, at eye level.

Together with you and your teams we will set up your internal and external communication across all areas and channels in a cross-departmental, resource-saving and significantly more effective way and bring back momentum and a breath of fresh air to your storytelling, your teams and your organisation.

In concrete terms: We accompany you in the change processes of your communication: From sharpening your vision, your mission statement and your personas to your core story and the training concepts and workflows that empower your teams. So that they bring your cause into the world successfully with motivation and joy.

Our Success Stories:
Challenge, Journey, Yeah.

22 member states, 22 communication teams – one brand. How do we create a strong connection between storytelling and brand?

How do we ensure that our stories are all of one voice?

And have the best possible impact to be ready for the future of space?


STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY: strategic communication across all teams and channels in 22 member countries

Brandbuilding, Personas & Core Story

Training programmes Master Storytelling, Social Media Storytelling & Creative Campaigning

Large group and team coaching, team development

Storywerk-ESA-Journey-04 Storywerk-ESA-Journey-01 Storywerk-ESA-Journey-02 Storywerk-ESA-Journey-03


True rocket science! We were really surprised how quickly everyone in our highly diverse communication team has started to shift into the learnings we took from our journey with Storywerk.«
A lot of the strategies and tools that we have learnt from Storywerk could be used in the communication activities for ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, and the campaign fully met our goals. We really enjoy working with Storywerk.«
It has been a full success and positions us very well for what the next years will bring.« – Daniel Scuka, Communication Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)
Amnesty logo

How do we establish a holistic communication in a highly complex and explosive thematic environment? How do we overcome silo thinking, how do we relieve our teams?

How do we sharpen our processes and structures and take our storytelling to the next level – always focusing on Amnesty’s cause and its community?


STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY: strategic communication across all teams and channels, social media strategy

Personas, Core Story, Customer Journeys

Training programmes Master Storytelling, Social Media Storytelling, Creative Campaigning

Processes and structures, News Room /CommsHub

Leadership coachings, team coachings, team building

Storywerk-Amnesty-Journey Storywerk-Amnesty-Journey Storywerk-Amnesty-Journey03 Storywerk-Amnesty-Journey04


Thanks to Storywerk, we have sharpened our focus and significantly improved collaboration between our teams.«
We now master complex challenges much easier, faster and more successfully.«
And our community is growing faster than ever because of the reach and visibility we have gained. Enabling and empowerment in the best sense!«

– Bettina Müller, Head of Department Campaigns and Communication, Amnesty International Deutschland

Success stories also harbour challenges: Rapid growth, multiplied team strength, diversified services, internationalisation.

In the process, vision, mission statement, culture and communication have lagged behind. And with it the attractiveness as an employer.

A comprehensive update is needed.


Development of corporate vision, mission statement, core values

Corporate culture, leadership principles

Brand building, brand claim

Executive coaching, team development, large group events

Storywerk-Saxovent-Journey01 Storywerk-Saxovent-Journey02 Storywerk-Saxovent


Thanks to Storywerk, we got to the heart of our vision and mission statement and sharpened our core values.«

The result is a well-rounded mission statement that works well both internally and externally.«
Matthias Kittler
„The change of perspective and unconventional ideas were particularly helpful in the development. We would not have been able to do it alone.”
– Matthias Kittler, Managing Director Saxovent

How can we create a sustainable and authentic foundation for our internal and external communication in a participatory approach – with ALL employees?

And thus overcome silo thinking, save resources and further professionalise our storytelling?


STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY: strategic communication, personas & core story

Brandbuilding, Brand Claim

Training programmes Master Storytelling, Social Media Storytelling

Story Consulting, Project Consulting

Large group & team coaching, team development

Storywerk-Caritas-Journey01 Storywerk-Caritas-Journey02 Storywerk-Caritas-Journey03 Storywerk-Caritas-Journey04 Storywerk-Caritas-Yeah01


The Storywerk team around Michael Obert knows how to respond to our needs with great flexibility. At the same time, they never lose sight of the goal and the time schedule.«
It is great fun to work together creatively, courageously and goal-oriented. The results of our collaboration are met with enthusiasm and euphoria in our team.«
A priceless commodity in a thoroughly rationalised competition.«
– Dariush Ghobad, Head of Public Relations Caritas international

Our start-up has a good tailwind. But where do we actually want to go? Why do we do what we do?

How do we best get to the heart of the matter? And thereby strengthen our employer brand and our internal and external communication?


Corporate vision, mission statement, core values

Communication strategy, brand building

Corporate culture

Executive Coaching

Storywerk-Windpunx Storywerk-Windpunx Storywerk-Windpunx Storywerk-Windpunx Storywerk-Windpunx-Journey04 Storywerk-Windpunx-Journey05


Storywerk’s personal, inspiring spirit helped us to bring clarity to our raison d’Être and to formulate our vision and mission to the point.«

We experienced the joint process as a fascinating mixture of reflection with depth and dynamic sparring. The skilful combination of input and thought-provoking and adept coaching methods was very refreshing and incredibly fun.«
The result is a strong and authentic mission statement. With powerful images that stay with you.«
– Felix Genze, Managing Director WINDPUNX

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