Anchoring and integrating your mission statement and 360° communication sustainably in your organisation.

How to bring your 360° strategy to your overall communication teams step by step and use it to make your storytelling efficient, stable and future proof.

Silo thinking, overburdened teams, diffuse processes and structures – for years you might have endeavoured in various attempts to finally break out of this hamster wheel.

You have invested a lot of time, money, energy and passion in the urgently needed change process. But then you run out of steam on the home straight. And all the effort was for nothing.

Unfortunately, this happens far too often. Annoying, disappointing. And so unnecessary.

In stage 6 of our STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY, we ensure over a period of twelve months that your entire communications team implements the new 360° strategy and the associated processes and structures in a sustainable way so that they all cross the finish line together and successfully bring your vision to the world.

In our one year support programme, our team led by Ute Schechel , STORYWERK Head of People, Culture and Workflow, supports your entire communications team in sustainably anchoring and integrating the processes and structures developed by the early adopters in the pilot group and the tried and tested master storytelling tools into their day to day work.

True rocket science! We were really surprised how quickly everyone in our highly diverse communication team has started to shift into the learnings we took from our journey with Storywerk.« – Daniel Scuka, Communication Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)
Anchoring and integrating your mission statement and 360° strategy sustainably in your overall communication team.

Storywerk-Coach: Ute Schechtel & Team

Target group: Purpose brands from all industries with their own communications teams, international Non Profits with their own communications teams

In stage 6 of our STORYWERK 360° JOURNEY, we work with your teams simultaneously on four levels:

    1. 360° communication: Continuous implementation of your communication strategy and practical application of your master storytelling tools.

    2. Process design: Implementation of processes and structures, ongoing process design, resource oriented learning/adaptation/integration process on the way to a learning and future proof organisation with crisis proof teams.

    3. Continuous team development: Regenerative team coaching: increasing energy levels again, stability from within, regaining fun at work, further developing team spirit.

    4. Leadership development: Deepen and further professionalise the skills of managers and change agents, if interested STORYWERK LEADERS’ JOURNEY: Leadership development through systematic executive team coaching and executive 1:1 coaching.

This is how we bring your 360° communication to your entire communication team step by step and sustainably over a period of twelve months – and thus successfully bring your vision to the world.

In your free strategy call, we clarify what is important to you. And how we can best support you. We look forward to meeting you.