Persona & Core Story

How to align your content precisely with your target groups. And really tell the right stories.

Do you generate your content intuitively? For a diffuse audience? And do you talk a lot about yourself in the process? The good news: trial and error can work. The rule: without a clear content strategy, you burn a lot of energy, time and good ideas. And your stories will come to nothing.

So: Who are you actually telling all this to? In the first module of his Persona & Core Story strategy workshop, Storywerk coach Armand Lidtke works with your team to develop and sharpen your target groups with the demographic characteristics, attitudes and behavioural patterns of concrete personas.

In the second module, your team then develops a powerful core story that makes your community feel seen, meant and understood. With this core message, the heart of your content marketing, your communication gains clarity, structure and focus. Your organisation becomes distinguishable and more attractive, likeable and trustworthy for your clients, donors or users.

In this way, you focus your communication and your content marketing precisely on your target groups. So that you really send out the right stories and messages – and thus reach and move the right people.

Armand is one of those special coaches who don’t show you where the West lies, but how a compass works.« – Thomas Lorenz, Programme Manager, Startup Incubator Berlin.

Persona & Core Story

Trainer: Storywerk coach and consultant Armand Lidtke

Target group: Companies from all sectors, NGOs,  communication and marketing teams, management.


  • Developing a communication strategy / content strategy
  • Defining communication goals
  • Developing target group personas
  • Developing a strong and authentic core story
  • Elaborating master stories as templates
  • Tool-Set Master Storytelling
  • Storytelling tricks and hacks
  • Fun and joy in storytelling

Duration of the workshop: 2×2 days.

Maximum 12 participants.

We would be happy to clarify with you where you stand with your social media strategy and your storytelling and where exactly you want to go, and develop a tailor-made audit for you.

In your free strategy call, we clarify what is important to you. And how we can best support you. We look forward to meeting you.

Armand ist einer dieser besonderen Coaches, die einem nicht zeigen wo der Westen liegt, sondern wie ein Kompass funktioniert.« – Thomas Lorenz, Program Manager, Startup Incubator Berlin.