Successful imple­men­tation

How to successfully bring your mission statement and communication strategy into your organisation and into the world.

What´s the benefit of the strongest mission statement and the best communication strategy – if in the end they come to nothing or disappear in some drawer?

In our STORYWERK JOURNEY we close this gap. In our tried and tested format, tailored to your situation and needs, we bring together the best of three worlds for you – storytelling, organisational development, team coaching.

Over a period of six to twelve months, we support your teams in taking their storytelling to the next level, setting up their workflows in an agile and resource-efficient way, and growing together into a self-organised and appreciative unit.

In the start-up phase, we have very good experience with pilot projects in which a representative selection of early adopters from all areas of your communication jointly develops campaigns or stories with radiance and, at the same time, an agile way of working.

In this way, we successfully bring your mission statement and your communication strategy into your organisation and into the world, step by step.

True rocket science! We were really surprised how quickly everyone in our highly diverse communication team has started to shift into the learnings we took from our journey with Storywerk.«  – Daniel Scuka, Communication Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)

In your free strategy call, we clarify what is important to you. And how we can best support you. We look forward to meeting you.