The best of three worlds
Storytelling, Process Design, Team Building

Michael Obert

Vision, mission, values, executive and team coaching, organisational development.

Storywerk founder and CEO Michael Obert, experienced executive coach and team coach

, reported from crisis and war zones in his former life as a multi-award-winning journalist, book author and director, and his film “Song from the Forest” was shortlisted for the Oscars. Michael loves rivers, Moderat and whiskey sours. And if he has to, he’ll wear striped socks.

Tobias Oellig

Creative Storytelling for Purpose Brands, Not-for-Profits & NGOs. Creative Storytelling for Purpose Brands, Not-for-Profits & NGOs. Archetypes in Branding & Storytelling, Core Story, Content Strategy.

Storywerk co-founder Tobias Oellig, reporter and storytelling trainer, studied rhetoric and philosophy in Hamburg and Tübingen and journalism at the Reportageschule. He is passionate about the transformative power of gripping stories, loves cooking and the crackle of open fires and old records. He is passionate about the transformative power of gripping stories, loves to cook for a living, and loves the crackle of a fireplace and old records.

Kristina Kobilke

Content and social media marketing – strategy, conception, implementation.

Kristina Kobilke, digital marketing strategist, trainer and expert author with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Burns for creative brand communication via visual social media, especially Instagram. She is an expert in successful content distribution in the digital space, be it via traditional advertising, search engines or influencers. Kristina loves Swedish fika, the old McGyver and can’t live without the sea.

Armand Lidtke

Brand building, campaigning, social media.

Armand Lidtke, creative consultant and coach with many years of experience in Germany’s top 10 creative agencies. He is passionate about distilling the meaning and character of brands and companies to create creative and cross-channel communication. Armand can’t stand long-winded meetings – and loooves constructive workshops.

Georg Boch

Artificial intelligence, brand storytelling, content marketing concepts.

Georg, a tech-driven brand consultant, has supported non-profits such as the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the WWF, as well as giants such as Pfizer, Google, VW, Ferrero and Boston Consulting Group. He advises the United Nations on how AI can help them achieve their sustainability goals. At the intersection of exponential AI technology and brand storytelling – and gladly also gamification – Georg loves to unleash the power of authentic stories for inspiring brands and meaningful organisations.

Ute Schechtel

Organisational development, culture, workflow, leadership- and team coaching.

As a leadership coach, process designer and facilitator Ute brings also over two decades of experience in her repertoir in communication consultancy, creative direction and strategic marketing for internationally renowned brands and institutions. She contributes as a catalyst translating ancient wisdom traditions into new possibilities, fostering both collective and personal growth. Ute is dedicated to promoting regenerative culture and business practice. Ute’s heart beats for Mother Earth, human rights and hiking through wild nature.

Anja Karrasch

Corporate publishing, PR strategies, PR training, story placement.

Anja Karrasch, a trained journalist and PR expert specialising in business, culture and sustainability, has been bringing the distinctive characteristics and values of companies and personalities to the point for more than 20 years – in powerful messages and strong stories. Anja loves surprises, shooting stars and the sky over New York. But for her, the sky over Berlin can’t be topped.

Daniela Grittner

Performance coaching, on camera training, moderation, video and audio direction, podcasts.

Daniela Grittner, a trained actress, presenter and speaker, is a certified coach who supports people in performing credibly, authentically and confidently in front of the camera and in presentations. She studied linguistics and media studies and is responsible for everything that happens in front of the camera and on the microphone at Storywerk. Daniela loves cross-country adventures, Camargue horses and ordering in the universe.

Nadja Masri

Visual storytelling, visual concept (style guide), photo research and editing.

Nadja Masri, visual consultant, freelance photo editor and lecturer, is passionate about training visual experts at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. 2001-2010, she was director and senior photo editor of GEO’s New York correspondent office. She teaches at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program to students from all over the world. Nadja loves supposed opposites: photography and words, big cities and the provinces, running and yoga.

Nico Drimecker

Video producing, directing, editing, post production.

Nico Drimecker, a trained journalist and trainer as well as an unstoppable self-learner, has brought various campaigns, pitches and competitions to the desired success with powerful moving image stories. He believes that every video – just like every person in life – needs a purpose it wants to fulfill. Nico loves the upward facing dog and the early bird, believes in karma and that chocolate makes you happy.

Luisa Willmann

Project management, communication, training design and storytelling.

Luisa Willmann, experienced international project manager and communicator, trained journalist and coach, studied cultural sciences, international relations and business administration in Chile, Austria and the Netherlands and researched human rights abroad for renowned German media. She has travelled to more than 60 countries to work or follow her great passion: People and their stories. Luisa loves waves, curries and first times.