H ow you use a polar star for your organisation, you gain more clarity, joy, a sense of “we” and meaning – and an olle content strategy. Why does your company actually do what it does? Where do you want to go as an organisation? Who else besides you benefits from it? And if you can’t get to the heart of your mission statement: Then how are you going to communicate it? As the foundation of your corporate culture and your content strategy, STORYWERK coach and mission statement expert Michael Obert develops a visionary big picture and the purpose of your organisation step by step together with you and your teams in his interactive consulting format Mission Statement & Guiding Values. In two modules that build on each other, you formulate a strong vision and a powerful mission statement and define the central values and USP of your company. So that your managers and teams follow an attractive and motivating fixed star. And the inner compass of your organisation is aligned with your goals. In this way you create clarity, joy, a sense of we-feeling and meaning – and prepare the ground for an authentic content strategy.

Mission Statement and Core Values

Trainer: Storywerk coach Michael Obert
Target group: Companies from all sectors, NGOs. Management, leadership teams, overall teams.


  • Developing corporate vision, mission statement
  • Defining core values
  • Mission and value-oriented communication
  • Bridge to strategic content marketing
  • If needed: Leadership Principles based on the core values
  • If required: accompanying management and team development, corporate culture, cultural change
  • Inspiration and joy at work

Duration of the workshop: 2×2 days.

Maximum 12 participants.

We would be happy to clarify with you where you are with your storytelling and where you want to go, and develop customised formats for you.

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