Video Storytelling
for Social Media

How to develop, edit and produce powerful videos for social media – to inspire your target groups and motivate them to take action.

Are your videos not having the desired effect on social media? Despite high production costs, the results are not satisfactory? Your viewers often bounce, your messages fizzle out?

Videos are THE currency of attention on social media. Like no other medium, the moving image makes you want more, it touches you emotionally and calls you to action. Provided: Your videos are well made.

Otherwise you will bore or confuse, underchallenge or overchallenge your viewers – and waste a lot of time, energy and budgets without significant results. Because: The next video is only a click or swipe away.

In his two-day workshop Video Storytelling for Social Media, Storywerk coach and video expert Nico Drimecker gives your teams practical tools and techniques to tailor powerful social and web videos to your target group – precisely for the respective platform. From 15-second Insta stories to 60-second reels, clipouts and teasers to longer posts for YouTube and Facebook.

So that your video storytelling develops the best possible resonance, reach and visibility. And your community enjoys watching you and feels connected to your organisation.

Video Storytelling für Social Media

Trainer: Storywerk coach Nico Drimecker
Target group: companies, NGOs, communication teams, (online) editorial teams, freelance editorial staff.

  • Practical tools and techniques for exciting video storytelling
  • Development, production, post-production: Which images and sound bites belong in the video, which do not – and: How to kill your darlings?
  • Working efficiently with large amounts of video material
  • Editorial and creative tools: getting the best out of existing video raw material
  • Beginning, middle and end: telling the protagonist’s journey in a way that is exciting and understandable for your target group
  • Dynamics: compressing and decompressing phases of a story
  • Non-linear storytelling for more emotions and impact
  • Narrative forms: Create clipouts, snippets and teasers for different social media channels and attract attention
  • Implementing video series for social media

Duration of the workshop: two modules of two days each.

Maximum 8 participants.

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