Branding & Storytelling with Archetypes for Purpose Brands, NGOs & Not-For-Profits

How to tell a more varied and engaging story and reach, touch and activate your target groups emotionally.

Your stories are easy to see through? Because your storytelling always follows the same pattern? For example: There is a problem – then your helpers/your project/your organisation come – then the problem is alleviated or solved and all is well with the world again?

Most NGOs and non-profit organisations narrow their storytelling almost exclusively to this obvious narrative pattern.

No matter if it is about a project in Myanmar, Sudan or Colombia or about hunger, schools or new wells. Disadvantage: Your readers quickly see through the trick and switch off early because they already know how your stories end. This significantly reduces the chance that they will be touched and get involved in your project.

In the two-day workshop Branding & Storytelling with Archetypes for Purpose Brands, NGOs & Not-For-Profits, Storywerk coach Tobias Oellig guides your communications team through the world of archetypes and shows you how to develop, prepare and implement your stories for your target group in a variant, surprising and exciting way. So that you can really reach and activate your audience emotionally.

A lot of the strategies and tools that we have learnt could be used in the communication activities for ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, and the campaign fully met our goals” – Daniel Scuka, Communication Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)
Branding & Storytelling with Archetypes for Purpose Brands, NGOs & Not-For-Profits

Trainer: Storywerk coach Tobias Oellig
Target group: non-profit organisations, NGOs, purpose brands, social enterprises, PR teams, fundraising teams, donor support, (online) editors, content marketing teams

  • Using archetypes in a playful and structured way to get to the core of stories and develop exciting dramaturgies
  • (Re)discover your own joy of storytelling with archetypes and fine-tune your storytelling skills
  • Narrative surprise with target groups: Draw audiences into stories, activate them emotionally and motivate them for the common goal
  • Using the archetype model to tell attractive stories of moving change processes that are universally understood
  • Analytical competence and practical application: Recognising & consciously using different approaches to protagonists with the help of the archetypes
  • Address the different needs of your target groups with planned archetype variation
  • Develop strong protagonists with high identification potential for your persona and create immersive story drive

Duration of the workshop: two days.

Maximum 12 participants.

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