Creative Campaig­ning
for Purpose Brands and
Non-profit organizations

Cross-channel campaigns that are touching through their narrative and encourage participation.

Advertising campaigns often try to convince people of their product or service by being clumsy and pushy. At Storywerk, we take a different approach: Creative Campaigning.

In times of fast, colourful images, fake news and catastrophe scenarios, we don’t reach people with advertising that tries to shock or encourage them to donate through a guilty conscience. Generation Y, Z, as well as Millennials need a better reason to be part of a movement that makes the world a little better.

Our campaigns for purpose brands and non-profit organisations emerge from a profound truth that ensures we don’t sprinkle, but enter into a genuine dialogue with our audience. We tell stories that make you think, sometimes make you smile, but always make you look. So that our message does not get lost in the crowd.

At the heart of our campaigns is the core story, which helps to explain even complex contexts in a striking way. This is followed by the detailed concept and channel strategy, all embedded in a brand world that looks unique, feels unique and sounds unique.

Strategy, planning, implementation and placement of campaigns – we address the individual building blocks of the creative process and help you manage your advertising budgets effectively.

We want to see the big picture: Understand campaign interface between digital and analogue, use synergy effects, appear holistically, strengthen recognition in the community with organic growth. This means using social ads, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and classic media for the greatest possible success.

Thanks to Armand and the team for this incredible campaign.” – Saskia Backhaus, Team Lead Brand Experience, Metronom GmbH
Creative campaigns for purpose brands and non-profits.

Storywerk coach: Armand Lidtke

Target group: Purpose brands, non-profits, NGOs, social enterprises, PR teams, fundraising teams, donor relations, (online) editors, content marketing teams.

  • What makes a good campaign?
  • How do we develop a key idea that is relevant and interesting?
  • How do we motivate people to participate in our projects?
  • How do we turn a central idea into a successful and cross-channel campaign?
  • How do we achieve branding and thereby recognition?
  • How do we measure our digital campaigns and how do we improve?

Duration of the workshop: two days.

Maximum 12 participants.

In your free strategy call, we clarify what is important to you. And how we can best support you. We look forward to meeting you.